Employment in the US: Work Permits

The EB-5 program confers U.S. residency upon those fortunate enough to attain approval. Along with U.S. residency, the investor, his or her spouse, and working age children will be allowed to receive work status approval.
Initially, such approval will derive from an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), and thereafter through the resident alien card, also entitled an I-551.

U.S. immigration has many work permit structures available, none of which are more flexible or extensive than those granted via residency benefits.

Remember: EB-5 status confers U.S. permanent residency; other work permits are deemed temporary or nonimmigrant. The work benefit is automatically conferred on a green card holder.

No further application is necessary.

When filing for an adjustment of status, the beneficiaries may wish to apply for an early employment authorization document prior to the final adjudication for conditional residency.

This is called an EAD and normally has a maximum duration of one year.

Work and travel privileges for those applying for the lifting of conditional residency are normally extended automatically with the filing of the I-829 application.


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