Green Card document

A Green Card is a document that proves that an immigrant is legally authorized to live and work in the United States. A Green Card is obtained through a family-based or employment-based petition filed by a family member or an employer. Once the petition is approved, the Green Card can be achieved either by Consular Processing or by adjustment of status.

After 5 years of holding a Green Card, it is possible to apply for naturalization as a U.S. citizen.

Can the USCIS revoke Green Card status? Yes, in certain circumstances.

First, a Green Card can be revoked if it was obtained with fraud. Fraud can take place in many different ways, such as marriage fraud or document fraud.

Second, a criminal conviction for a serious crime can lead to removal proceedings and revocation of lawful permanent residency.

Finally, there could be involuntary loss and revocation of the Green Card, if the immigrant spends more than 1 year outside the United States and does not have a re-entry permit.