Hiring Your USA. Attorney

It is entirely normal for clients to inquire from any law firm how their legal fees are being expended.

As clients do not have the opportunity or sometimes the experience in working with a lawyer in the United States, this chapter will outline the type of work which a law firm should accomplish on a daily basis on your behalf as related to your matter.

While some cases may differ from others, most integrate the following services which are performed on your case.

As always, notwithstanding good intentions and hard work, results are always the key to any association.

You should be comfortable in the knowledge that the law firm you engage only accepts matters which are reasonably acceptable under current immigration laws of the United States.

The following are some, but not all, of the services that a U.S. law firm may render as applicable to your matter:
Private consultation at initial meeting

  • Case evaluation and determination
  • Form preparation and photocopy
  • Ffile preparation and presentation
  • Telephone communications with client, consul, and administration
  • Follow-up meetings and organization
  • Paralegal preparation of file, coordination, and supervision
  • Administrative preparation with government agencies
  • Consular precertification where applicable
  • Legal research
  • Passport verification
  • Review of legal documents
  • Assembly of evidence
  • Corporate structuring where applicable
  • File follow-up after closure
  • Emergency on call service
  • Accounts verification on call
  • Family immigration planning and development Short-term and long-term immigration
  • Instant fax and email access planning
  • Website information
  • Coordination with government agencies where necessary
  • Communication with community leaders and contacts
  • Use of strategic alliances with specialist attorneys such as tax, patents and trademarks, real estate, or others
  • Calendaring of visa expiration or eligibility for U.S. immigration benefits
  • Development and use of professional relationships worldwide
  • Explanation of services and interaction in your mother tongue
  • File status report on call
  • Acceptance of payment by check, all major credit cards, wire transfer, or cash
  • On-site travel for client assistance where necessary

In light of the services to be performed, it is evident that retaining a U.S. attorney to assist you with your immigration case is essential.

You should be charged a reasonable fee according to the Fee Agreement for Legal Services.